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glasgow weightlifting centre of excellance

The gladiators has a 30 year track record of national and international weightlifting success. Despite having limited funds and limited facilities we have succeeded in a sport that is part time and full time professional in a majority of countries around the world. It is there for fitting and long overdue that the Gladiators and the local community should have a purpose built centre of excellence for the sport of weightlifting. this will allow better sport science. better equipment and facilities to increase our development work and individual standards. it will also allow increased income to transport talented young lifters up and down the country to participate and maximise opportunities. this will also change the image of the area to one off a positive light. As opposed to anti social activities and crime. with all of the above in mind. gladiators have raised a funding package through partners and fund raising. we have now lodged an application to sport Scotland for match funding for the new facility.<< Back