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The Future

Financial independence

The Gladiator Programme currently generates three quarters of our total income. This helps to keep our current multiple activities going within our local community. However, we are constantly striving to increase our income to become fully independent. This would make sure that we can sustain these activities and benefits over the long term.

Fun Factory

The Fun Factory is the final part of our existing strategy that needs public funds. Our vision is that of a state of the art play frame linked to an outdoor play garden. These facilities will in turn be linked to our main base sports facilities.

We will also incorporate a healthy eating café as well as the Gladigator Fun Room. The new facility will take advantage of the 400,000 people we have on our doorstep as they come to shop at the new Glasgow Fort development.

Increasing the impact of the pyramids

We anticipate that the income from the Fun Factory will generate many positive outcomes. It will help the Gladiator Programme create as many free opportunities as possible at the lower end of our pyramids. This means that every child, rich or poor, has access to our activities. The more children that come through the programme here, the greater the positive benefits to the community at the higher end of the pyramids ? and, of course, the greater the potential for Scotland’s future sporting success.

Investing in service users, the community and the Gladiator Programme

If we reach our additional revenue target, we hope to be able to fund various council department service users who currently “buy in” our services. In the long run this will save council tax payers money.

Similarly, in addition to extra activities in the local community, the local economy will get a much-needed boost through new jobs.

Finally, with more children using the facilities and an increased overall capacity, we expect the Gladiator Programme to be well placed to expand into new activities.

Opportunities for future athletes

Despite real talent, many athletes from deprived areas fail to fulfil their potential due to lack of finance. We hope that the programme will employ many future athletes, giving them ample time, support and money to pursue their dreams.