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We will:
• deliver physical activity through play and sport
• deliver a play programme directly feeding in to a night-time sport programme
• divert children from anti-social pastimes through our many positive activities
• create a cohesive and structured approach through our twin sporting and social pyramids of development
• deliver both government and local council strategies as part of a community-led, cohesive approach
• create employment and training opportunities within the local social economy
• generate income that we can divert into sustaining the many local activities
• create sporting opportunities and sporting excellence in the local community

Pyramids of development

The “sporting” and “social” Pyramids of Development have been created to work in tandem as both are a mirror image of one another. Each of the pyramids levels take in to account the sporting and social needs before progressing to the next level.


Central and local government have introduced national strategies relating to many aspects of young people’s health and wellbeing. It is part of our mission statement to put these into practice at a local level, and we are now working on initiatives to address child obesity, oral health and anti-social behaviour. We are also involved with local employment and training opportunities.

Using the pyramids

The sporting and social pyramids of development have been created to work in tandem as both are a mirror image of one another and each level cross references pointing out the social needs as well as the sporting needs before progressing onto the next level.