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Qualifications available for staff training

B.W.L.A  British Weightlifting Leaders Award
C.S.L.A.  Tutor  Community Sports Leader Award Tutor
Food Hygiene  Food Hygiene awareness course
Midas Tutor  Mini bus awareness course
S.V.Q. Management 4  Management qualification Level 4
S.V.Q. Management 3 Management qualification Level 3
First Aid   Health & Safety at Work
S.F.A.  E Badge 1, Early Touches certificate
S.F.A.  E Badge 2, Development Activities
S.F.A.  D Badge 1, Development Activities
S.F.A.  D Badge 2, Coaching Young Footballers
S.F.A.   Introductory course: coaching goalkeepers
Basketball Level 1
Mini Kickers  S.F.A Coaching course to coach 3- to 7-year-olds
Badminton Level 1
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