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NHS glasgow

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde In April 2007, The Gladiator Programme enetered into a service level agreement with the NHSGGC Oral Health Directorate in a holistic programme which would see both parties join together to help improve the worst oral health records in children across Western Europe & the highest childhood obesity rate in the same region. Both organisations planned visits to 720 nurseries & 912 schools, a combined total of 1632 venues per year.We reached over 91,000 children with our messages. A typical nursery session would consist of a 10-15 minute illustrated talk using Gladigator to ensure the importance of brushing your teeth, eat healthily & eating snacks at the proper time & not to fear the dentist, on the back of this Gladigator then leads a 30 minute workout through music & dance. In schools we targeted kids from primary 1 to primary 4, in a similar layout to the nurseries there are three seperate talks brushing your teeth correctly, healthy eating & visiting the dentist. Each talk lasted 10-15 minutes, once again Gladigator was used as the medium to communicate the message to the kids, after this the kids where treated to a more stringent physical activity workout than the nursery kids. Not only did the kids participate in a music & dance session but they also had one of our specially designed inflatable toys to get active with. These toys are designed with physiotherapists to increase speed, flexibility, mobility, power & to hone early stages of sporting techniques. the Programme lasted five years , The Gladiators were never project managed. we deliverd all our targets, we also prooved that we were capable of logistically planning and delivering multi services across the west of Scotland. however sadly a shift in policy to coating Children,s teeth as a form of prevention. instead of educational early intervention meant the contract could not be funded for a second term.<< Back