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Physiological Sequence

The Physiological Sequence above takes a more prolonged approach.

Children are introduced to physical activity at nursery age through song and dance with our mascot Gladigator.

This is continued at Primary School and after school age with the addition of the theme toys designed to get the children physically active in terms of balance, agility, mobility and flexibility.

The children are the advanced onto the night time play halls were the repetitive play skills are incorporated. They are then advanced onto their chosen sport.

Government research suggests that having come through these various stages at an early age, a positive mental attitude is created towards an active lifestyle.

Many in their middle age would continue to keep active by visiting fitness gyms for example long after their sports career has ended.

It would be expected that by the time of old age a majority would keep fit through hobbies for example: gardening, long walks, or other social pursuits such as dancing at the local social club.

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