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Social Development Pyramid

Level 1: Outreach Programme

The outreach Programme that is delivered to all of the areas shield the children from drugs, territoriality and crime whilst at the same time introduce the children into an active lifestyle at an early age in line with the Government health & wellbeing policies. See Play Halls

Level 2: Integration

Children are transferred to the sport at the main base for the integration stage, thus creating social interaction with children from other communities which breaks down territorial barriers.  See Coaching Sessions

Level 3: Perception

The Perception Level now introduces the children to competitions all over the country teaching them that there is more to life than just their own territorial boundary by introducing them to the wider world. See Weightlifting

Level 4: Personal Development

The personal development level sees the children being introduced to many training courses for the leisure industry. Coupled with a sports background teaching them self respect, respect for others and the ability to work as part of a team this ensures a healthy foundation for starting their working life. See History

Level 5: Community Regeneration

International athletes play their role in changing the perception of the local community. This demonstrates that there are young people willing to work and achieve things in life. This will provide a valuable tool for development agencies in the future years when trying to persuade private sector investment in to the local community. See History

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