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Sport Development Pyramid

Level 1: Physical Activity

The first level is when the children are introduced to physical activity through play. The sporting skills are hidden in the specific games creating a repetitive skills base that can be advanced to sport at the next level. See Play Halls

Level 2: Technical Training

The repetitive skills that were introduced at level 1 are now transferred to the technical requirements of the child’s chosen sport at the main base. See Coaching Sessions

Level 3: Direct Training

As a result of progression Level 1 & 2 the child is now directly training for there chosen sport and being introduced to the competitive side of the sport at the beginner stage. See Weightlifting

Level 4: Intermediate

The intermediate level concentrates on seasoned young athletes as they are representing their country at junior level in the case of individual sports or for example in football they may be signed up on S – forms with senior clubs. See History

Level 5: Elite

The athletes that reach level 5 are the very few in life as they may go on to compete at Commonwealth, European or at World Level of their sport. See History

See Commonwealth Games

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