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weightlifting development plan

The weightlifting development plan is a long term project, that is already three years in. Its aim is to produce young lifters of qualifying standards for the 2015 & 2017 Commonwealth youth games. The 2018 Commonwealth senior games and 2018 Olympic youth games. The plan meets the Scottish Government and local Authority Commonwealth legacy objectives for promoting physical activity and top performance sport in the local community. Gladiator programme limited incorporating gladiator weightlifting club Glasgow weightlifting development plan. Background The organisation has a 30 year track record of producing successful weightlifters at Scottish, Brittish, and Commonwealth levels and beyond. The organisation hosted over 30 national and international events. Up to world level. Performance plan Foundation 1 Physical activity school programme concentrating on balance, mobility, flexability.stamina and strength Foundation 2 (Please see logistics chart attached) Introduction school weightlifting programme concentrating of 20 primary schools per year. The indro primary school programme will concentrate in an area every three months. With children fed on to local secondary school base for continuation as primary school programme rotates to different area. It would be proposed that the development work would start in the east end of the city. We would target 5 primary schools per area. Each would feed on to an established secondary school club. With the exception of the five schools based in the same area of the excellence base which would feed in to that facility direct. All kids fed through to school clubs would receive coaching at after school base. All children from club structure would in turn feed on to the excellence base at weekends for squad training. As individual lifters required additional training due to increased standard and competitiveness. They can be fed direct to the excellence base on weekdays out with the school club day. Club level Technical Children advanced to club level at secondary school club or weightlifting excellence base and integrated in to sport at community level. Given access to intensive technical skill based training in preparation for competitive level. Children will also have access to holiday time training camps. Club level Competitive phase (Development age 9 years to 13 year age group.) Children introduced to weightlifting Scotland development competition incorporating technical points for good technique added on to their lifting score. These competitions insure strong empathies on technical training during the important early years. Children seek to qualify for British development competition School and youth level 12 to 17 age groups National school competitions and European club competitions start from 12 years and over. Children can still remain for extra year at development level however those showing excellent technique and good lifting levels will be advanced on the coach’s advice. Children now training and are eligible to compete at this age group towards Scottish and British schools. International club competition and commonwealth Games youth competitions. As well as Olympic youths Intermediate junior and senior levels Various age group levels of under 18 Scottish and British championships. Under 20 championships. Under 23 and finally senior championships. It is not unusual for a talented youngster at under 18 levels to qualify for the senior events. If you are good enough you are old enough. National and international level Advancement to national Scottish and British squads. There are commonwealth European, world and Olympic competitions across all age groups from 16 years onwards to senior level. Currant programme short and long term objectives Long term 12 year age group Currently run successful weightlifting development plan in local schools Glasgow wide. Seeking out continuation funding long term from active Glasgow city framework partners to continue full time coaching, travel and accommodation budgets and events budgets. Club currently has 16 British age group champions with five having competed at the international club tournament in Fulda Austria. All placed in the top five with one lifter winning the silver medal. The objectives for these children are qualification and targeting medals at the 2017 commonwealth youth games. With the main goal being qualification and targeting medals at the 2018 Olympic youth championships of which the city of Glasgow is a bidder. The club will also submit a bid to sport Scotland for facility funding to expand our sport base and for the city of Glasgow to declare it the weightlifting centre of excellence for Glasgow. Coaching programme Firm commitment to encourage 16 year age group to engage in coach development programmes. Child protection in sport programmes and Referee’s courses. Short term We have two girls that have a realistic chance of qualification for the 2014 Glasgow commonwealth games. We have one male lifter qualified for the world student games in November. << Back