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Holiday Programme

The Gladiator Programme offers a full range of free activities every year during school holidays at Easter, Summer & in October. These activities are generally run from our main sports base in Provanhall (Auchinlea Road). During the summer holiday programme we have averaged over 4,000 attendances at Auchinlea alone over the past three years.

, This year the programme managed to attract sponsorship from greggs the bakers. of which we are very gratefull. their contribution helped to insure that many children who,s familys could not afford a holiday were entertained and occupied throughout the Summer.The good weather helped as well.

During our holiday programmes local community groups in the Greater Easterhouse area can make use of our transport service to ensure their kids can attend. Our transport service is available for all groups in all areas at a nominal fee. To discuss the possibility of having your group bused into our holiday programmes please contact 0141 781 4392.

The Gladiator Programme also provide services in various communities across Glasgow during the above holidays. this is part of our outreach activity work. For details of where we will be & when please check out our news section during each holiday period.

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