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Gladiator Mega Challenge

The Gladiator Guarantee

We have designed all of the activities in the Gladiator Programme around fun physical activity, regardless of the target children’s age group.

On the day of any event, the Gladiator programme staff deliver, set up and operate the equipment. At no time do staff leave the equipment and leave the customer to operate it themselves.

This makes sure customers are fully covered both in terms of the insurances for the equipment itself and anything relating to operating the equipment. Some providers may show insurance cover but fail to inform you that if you operate the equipment yourself you will not be covered if an accident happens due the lack of supervision. We will not cut corners when it comes to safe supervision of equipment, and will always have at least two trained members of staff to supervise each piece of equipment.

Before we allow any member of the public to use any of the inflatable activities, we carry out a full risk assessment on the equipment to make sure we keep tight control over safety.

We have designed all of our inflatable activities ourselves.

Each piece of equipment undergoes periodic testing and gets the relevant safety certificates (the equivalent to an MOT test certificate for vehicles). All electrical equipment is PAT tested, and equipment is covered by public liabilities to a limit of £5 million.

All relevant documentation is available for inspection on request.