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Who We Work With

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

In April 2007, The Gladiator Programme enetered into a service level agreement with the NHSGGC Oral Health Directorate in a holistic programme which would see both parties join together to help improve the worst oral health records in children across Western Europe & the highest childhood obesity rate in the same region. Both organisations plan visits to 720 nurseries & 912 schools, a combined total of 1632 venues per year. Last year we reached over 91,000 children with our messages. A typical nursery session would consist of a 10-15 minute illustrated talk using Gladigator to ensure the importance of brushing your teeth, eat healthily & eating snacks at the proper time & not to fear the dentist, on the back of this Gladigator then leads a 30 minute workout through music & dance. In schools we target kids from primary 1 to primary 4, in a similar layout to the nurseries there are three seperate talks brushing your teeth correctly, healthy eating & visiting the dentist. Each talk should last 10-15 minutes, once again Gladigator is used as the medium to communicate the message to the kids, after this the kids are treated to a more stringent physical activity workout than the nursery kids. Not only do the kids participate in a music & dance session but they also have one of our specially designed inflatable toys to get active with. These toys are designed with physiotherapists to increase speed, flexibility, mobility, power & to hone early stages of sporting techniques. 

After Schools

The Gladiator Programme now deliver to 5 different after school care venues per week. This is in conjunction with our partners at Culture & Sport Glasgow & our latest partner,The Alcohol & Drug Awareness team. We are currently in Glasgow North on a Monday, Glasgow South West on a Tuesday, Glasgow South East on a Wednesday, Glasgow West on a Thursday & Glasgow East on a Friday. This new service consists of a 15 minute alcohol & drug awareness talk from one of our fully trained educators. We encourage the children to participate in these discussions to make aware the consequences of substance abuse & we inform & encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles through making positive choices. The children can then practice participating in a positive and active past time by having a go on one of our inflatable toys.

Culture & Sport Glasgow

The Gladiator Programme worked closely with Culture & Sport Glasgow during the summer of 2008. We were brought in to help enhance the ZEST programme that was run across the City of Glasgow. The Gladiator programme now work with Culture & Sport Glasgow five nights per week across the city & also link in with Culture & Sport at venues across the city during school term holidays. This links in with our After School programme. We deliver activities in Culture & Sport facilities ranging from large leisure centres to smaller more intimate local community halls at night time. This is a natural progression from our after school clubs, aswell as our other services being delivered in schools and nurseries. At our venues we deliver a two hour physical activity session & link in with other agencies to help promote a healthier lifestyle. We have our Alcohol and Drug awareness visual communication boards on hand at all venues and our staff have been trained to signpost any inquisitive children to the proper support. We view our night time halls as the pivotal piece of our jigsaw that help bind all our services together. Our night time halls are vital to offer an alternative to anti social activities and help shield children from drugs, territorialism and crime & in turn are helping build a helathier Glasgow. We are currently looking to broaden our activities to other local authorities across the West of Scotland and beyond.

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership link up with the Gladiator Programme's night-time activities in the local community. We currently run night time play halls in Cranhill Beacon, Barlarnark Community Hall & the Glenburn Centre. This is an extension of our work in schools and after schools, by progressing the children from our current activities & continually promoting positive messages towards a healthier lifestyle our services culminate at our night time venues helping to shield local children from drugs, territorialism and crime.


Other social economy groups

The Gladiator Programme runs gala events on behalf of other community groups. Although we charge the groups for this, they still pay a fraction of the prices they would pay to private sector organisations for providing the same service. This means that more public money stays where it is most needed ? with the community groups themselves.

No individual makes a direct profit from this work. We redirect any surpluses back into the social economy through the Gladiator Programme activities. By retaining public funds in this way we make sure that the social economy steadily grows.

Strathclyde Police

The Gladiator Programme have worked in partnership with Strathclyde Police & other bodies in delivering activities during Operation Phoenix in the summer of 2008. The Gladiator Programme are committed to partnership working & helping enhance any initiative that puts kids first.