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What’s on offer?

The Gladiator Programme can run physical activity events in your school using our unique theme toys. We have designed the toys to develop balance, mobility, flexibility and stamina. They are also great fun.

The Velcro Olympics is a team event like a giant relay, involving rollers, cargo nets, chutes, American style blockers and a lot more.

The Gladigator Challenge is like the Velcro Olympics, but has a Roman theme in line with our mascot, Gladigator. When the two are combined, we get the Gladigator Mega Challenge..

The Gladiator Eliminator has an inflatable wall with bricks at either end. The participants are linked on either side by a bungee rope that runs through the wall. The object of the game is to recover all your bricks and place them in your coloured zone without you opponent pinning you to the wall.

Diddyman football takes place in an inflatable football surround with a sponge ball. Participants are dressed up to look like Diddymen with large bellies, braces and top hats. This is the football version of the dodgems.

The Gladigator mascot is a cross between an alligator and a Roman gladiator. He can sing and dance, and lead any initiative aimed at children.

The Other services
Gladiators also provide all the above services to after schools and local authority gala days on a commercial basis. We are also available for marketing promotions and opening events in the private sector. Anyone can hire us!

Every event is unique due to its location and the nature of the occasion (see example in Organising an Event).

Why use the Gladiator Programme?

See the Gladiator Guarantee.