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At the Gladiator Programme, we run a wide range of physical activities for children and young people. By combining play and sport, these activities provide exciting opportunities for children and young people to become and stay active.

Once involved in these positive opportunities, we believe it is important that the youngsters can stay involved, and that those with the interest and ability get the encouragement they need to develop and improve as far as they want to in their chosen activities. We provide this all-round support.

We have found that this project can divert many young people from anti-social pursuits into more rewarding activities.

Here’s what we offer:


We know that youngsters love to play and we know that the more they play, the fitter and healthier they get. To make sure they have a great time as they play, we have created the Gladigator mascot and theme toys. the Eliminator, Diddyman Football, the Gladigator Challenge, the Velcro Olympics, the New Gladiagtor Challenge & the Dual. When we join the Velcro Olympics & Gladigator Challenge together we have the demanding Gladigator Mega Challenge, however after acquiring new equipment we can now add the New Gladigator Challenge to create an approximate 180 feet of play with The Gladigator Triple Mega Challenge.

All equipment is available for hire see Entertainment section to hire out the equipment.


Some kids want to take part in more structured sporting activities. As well as hiring out our football pitch to local teams, we provide power development sessions to individuals and teams.

As youngsters grow and become more interested in sports, we provide fitness classes and training to help them with the power development they will need for a wide range of sports, including Olympic weightlifting. See Community section for Activities

Other exciting parts of our site

The Gladiator project works with around 2000 kids every week. In doing this, we offer far more than we can cover in this short section. Explore our website to find more exciting things for youngsters to do with us:

Community section: find out about the many activities we deliver locally, and about the Gladiator Programme’s many sporting successes over the years.

Entertainment section: here you’ll see more information about the many fun-packed activities mentioned above

Gladigator section: find out why he is so popular with the children of Glasgow and how you can interact with him.

Gladigator & The Legend of Auchinlea

The swashbuckling all action childrens novel was launched in early November at Borders Books at The Glasgow Fort. This book was written by our Project Manager, Alex Richardson. The book sees the much awaited launch of the entire Gladigator family, Gladesgator, Agi & Tator, the agitators. The book is crammed full of historical facts & features most of Glasgow's cultural landmarks, such as The Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Bishops Loch, Blairtummock House and of course the legendary Provanhall House.

All this combines to make an action packed, must read, unforgettable adventure. The book is priced at £9.95 & all proceeds are reinvested into the charity. For further detail or to purchase your copy contact 0141 781 4392.

Childrens Champion of Ancient Rome

Gladigator & all his family are brought to life in this highly entertaining music video. Filmed at historical sites from within the afore mentioned book this fun catchy song will never leave you. The Gladiator Programme have now introduced a Music DVD of the song/video where you can all sing and dance along with Gladigator, Gladesgator, Agi & Tator. This DVD is priced at £3 & all proceeds are reinvested into the charity. For further detail or to purchase your copy contact 0141 781 4392.

We are offering a book & DVD package deal for only £12 for further detail or to purchase your package deal please contact 0141 781 4392